Seminario “Quantitative Susceptibility Imaging (QSM) y aplicaciones clínicas”

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Quantitative Susceptibility Imaging (QSM) y aplicaciones clínicas

Dictado por

Julio Acosta-Cabronero, PhD

MRI physicist Wellcome Centre for

Human Neuromaging

University College London

“In vivo quantitative susceptibility MRI of the brain”

ABSTRACT: With the population aging, neurodegenerative diseases pose an enormous challenge for diagnosis and treatment. Currently there is no cure for any of these diseases, although there are a number of therapies in development that are hoped to slow or prevent the dementing process. Therapeutic developments, however, are in need of biomarkers that are sensitive in early disease stages, that can be used repeatedly – hence safely and relatively inexpensively – and that can detect tissue responses over short time periods to monitor treatment outcome. In this regard, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is potentially ideal. DrAcosta-Cabronero will elaborate on why recent technical advances with particular focus QSM) suggest that it is now the ideal time to develop MRI-based methods that have a more proactive role in diagnostic workups and clinical trials in neurodegenerative diseases.

Christian Langkammer

Department of Neurology

Medical University of GrazAustria


“Quantitative postmortem MRI of the Brain”

ABSTRACT: Postmortem MRI in combination with histologic analysis by e.g. analytical chemistry, immunohistology or SQUID magnetometry yield better understanding of MRI signal formation, underlying tissue composition and pathological mechanisms. This can then be translated to in-vivo conditions for the application in clinical studies with patients with neurological diseases.

This presentation will cover the aspects relevant for quantitative MRI, differences to in-vivo conditions and give an overview of possibilities for the validation of MRI measurements. In particular the validation of quantitative MRI methods assessing magnetic susceptibility in the human brain will be presented. 

Este viernes 27 de abril a las 11:30 hrs.

Sala de Magíster de la Escuela de Ingeniería, Campus San Joaquín UC

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