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2018 (16)

Labbé Atenas, E. Ciampi Díaz, J.P. Cruz Quiroga, S. Uribe Arancibia, C. Cárcamo Rodríguez. “Functional magnetic resonance imaging: Basic principles and application in the neurosciences” Radiología, Volume 60, Issue 5, September–October 2018, Pages 368-377. DOI: 10.1016/j.rxeng.2018.04.001, 2018

Francisca Salas-Pérez, Katherine Rivera, Guadalupe Echeverría, Inés Urquiaga, Sara Dicenta, Druso Pérez, Marcelo Andía, Sergio Uribe, Cristián Tejos, Dolores Busso, Pablo Irarrázaval, Attilio Rigotti “Intake of red wine grape pomace decreased atherosclerosis, attenuated myocardial damage and increased survival in a murine model of lethal coronary heart disease” Conference Paper XVIIIIth International Symposium on Atherosclerosis, Toronto, Canadá, 9 – 12 Jun 2018.  Citado por: 0

Susana Contreras-Duarte; Paulen Chen; Marcelo Andía; Sergio Uribe; Pablo Irarrázaval; Sussane Kopp; Sabine Kern; Gunther Marsche; Dolores Busso; Christian Wadsack; Attilio Rigotti “Attenuation of atherogenic apo B-48-dependent hyperlipidemia and high density lipoprotein remodeling induced by vitamin C and E combination and their beneficial effect on lethal ischemic heart disease in mice” Biol Res. 2018 Sep 15;51(1):34.  10.1186/s40659-018-0183-6  Citado por: 0

Mariana Zurita, MSc; Cristian Montalba; Tomás Labbé; Juan Pablo Cruz; Josué Dalboni da Rocha; Cristián Tejos; Ethel Ciampi; Claudia Cárcamo; Ranganatha Sitaram “Characterization of Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Patients using Support Vector Machine Classifications of Functional and Diffusion MRI Data” Neuroimage Clin. 2018 Sep 4;20:724-730. 10.1016/j.nicl.2018.09.002 Citado por: 0

Ali Dehghan Firoozabadi, Pablo Irarrazaval, Sergio Uribe, Cristian Tejos, Carlos Sing-LongVelocity Variability in MRI Phase-Contrast” Eusipco 2018 Conference Proceedings -1570433328, Rome, Italy. Sep. 3-7, 2019 Rome, Italy. Sep. 3-7, 2018 Citado por: 0

Carlos Milovic, Berkin Bilgic, Bo Zhao, Christian Langkammer,C. Tejos, J. Acosta-Cabronero “Weak-Harmonic Regularization for Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping (WH QSM)” Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. DOI: 10.1002/mrm.27483  Citado por: 0

Carlos Milovic, MEng; Hendrik Mattern, MEng; Cristian Tejos,PhD; Oliver Speck, PhD; Martina F Callaghan, PhD “A robust multi-scale approach to quantitative susceptibility mapping” NeuroImage, Online 31 July 2018.  Citado por: 0

María E. Navarro, Dravna Razmilic, Isabel Araos, Andrés Rodrigo, Marcelo E. Andia MENavarro “Contrast-enhanced spectral mammography. Experience in 465 examinations. Rendimiento de la mamografía espectral de energía dual con contraste en la detección de cáncer de mama: experiencia en un centro de referencia.” Rev Med Chile 2018; 146: 141-149 2018. Citado por: 0

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J. Sotelo, J. Urbina, I. Valverde, J. Mura, C. Tejos, P. Irarrazaval, M. Andia, D. Hurtado, S. Uribe. “Three-dimensional quantification of vorticity and helicity from 3d cine Pc-mri using finite-element interpolations”. Magnetic resonance in medicine. Vol 79(1), 541–553., 2018. 10.1002/mrm.26687. Citado por: 2

2017 (7)

J. Sotelo, P. Bächler, J. Urbina, G. Crelier, L. Toro, M. Ferreiro, I. Valverde, M. Andia, C. Tejos, P. Irarrazaval. “Quantification of pulmonary regurgitation in patients with repaired Tetralogy of Fallot by 2D phase-contrast MRI: Differences between the standard method of velocity averaging and a pixel-wise analysis”. JRSM cardiovascular disease. Vol 6, 2048004017731986., 2017. doi: 10.1177/2048004017731986. Citado por: 0

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2016 (9)

A. Phinikaridou, M. Andia, B. Lavin, A. Smith, P. Saha, R. Botnar. “Increased Vascular Permeability Measured With an Albumin-Binding Magnetic Resonance Contrast Agent Is a Surrogate Marker of Rupture-Prone Atherosclerotic PlaqueCLINICAL PERSPECTIVE”. Circulation: Cardiovascular Imaging. Vol 9(12), e004910., 2016. Citado por: 6

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2015 (8)

D. Aguirre-Reyes, J. Sotelo, J. Arab, M. Arrese, R. Tejos, P. Irarrazaval, C. Tejos, S. Uribe, M. Andia. “Intrahepatic portal vein blood volume estimated by non-contrast magnetic resonance imaging for the assessment of portal hypertension”. Magnetic resonance imaging. Vol 33(8), 970–977., 2015. Citado por: 3

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2014 (9)

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2013 (15)

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2012 (16)

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2011 (7)

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2010 (6)

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