To build new technologies to improve the acquisition, reconstruction and analysis of biomedical imaging as support for the development of health and life science, from a multidisciplinary point of view.


To develop new technologies to improve the acquisition of biomedical imaging using new techniques applied to the Optical Microscope, Light Sources, Electrons Microscope, MRI, CT and other modalities.

To improve the reconstruction of biomedical images acquired using novel mechanisms through solutions of inverse problems and frequency analysis. Improve of the biomedical imaging analysis tools (software), to facilitate their use to scientists and health professionals, including human perception and bi-statistical issues.

To assemble a team of scientists, health professionals and engineers to meet the challenges of biomedical images from a multidisciplinary perspective.

To promote technology transfer of research results to the healthcare industry.

To be a source of knowledge and development of biomedical imaging for Chile and the world. Contribute to human capital formation and training in the field of biomedical imaging.