The Research Center in MRI opened on the year 2000 with the support of the senior management of the Catholic University of Chile, and the faculties of Engineering and Medicine. In 2007, after the acquisition of new equipment and training of a multidisciplinary board, it was renamed as the Center for Biomedical Imaging (CIB).

The CIB specializes in processing images obtained by magnetic resonance imaging, interventional radiology, computed tomography, X-ray, nuclear medicine and optical microscopy, among others, in order to be a support in the advance of science of the health.

Throughout the years also incorporated researchers and professionals from other disciplines such as Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering; Vascular Surgery and Radiotherapy Psychiatry in Medicine; as well as academics from the faculties of Mathematics, Physics and Biological Sciences, giving the Centre an enriching multidisciplinary character.

True to the mission of developing new technologies to improve the acquisition, reconstruction and analysis of biomedical images, the CIB, is constantly growing and evolving. Thus it has secured funding for research projects awarded by Conicyt. In 1998 the first resonator through a Fondef was acquired.

In the center they were developed over 80 papers since its conception and have won four million dollars in Fondecyt, Fondef, Anillo projects, etc.



Campus San Joaquín, Universidad Católica de Chile.